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Dear Ben & Jerry's supporter,

We all know that over the last 20 years Ben & Jerry's has been one of the few truly noble businesses of our time.  The organization is like a living, breathing organism that is continually benefiting our planet and our communities through social activism and humane business practices every day that it survives.
The founders, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, have continually been able to make a fair profit while still leveraging its power to create meaningful social benefits. - Even if it prevents Ben & Jerry's from growing like some of its malignant competitors, the greater good has always come first in their decisions.

Unfortunately, today, gigantic multinational companies are trying to take advantage of Ben & Jerry's undervalued stock price.  They want to skin the company alive and use its gentle lambskin brand identity to fool unsuspecting consumers into purchasing their soulless profit driven products.

Theses multinational capitalists think the Ben & Jerry's following is ignorant enough to thoughtlessly continue supporting this brand after it has been stripped of its meaning.  Say it ain't so!

This site provides you the opportunity to get your message out to the Ben & Jerry's shareholders and help them to find a truth higher than profit taking.

A fellow Chubby Hubby


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